Add a 'Today' screen to your Blackberry

Pocket PC users familiar with the Today Screen program would instantly recognize BBToday. BBToday is a program that overrides your home screen and displays some of the more important information.

Currently BBToday can list your 5-day forecast, new and total emails, tasks, appointments, plus battery and signal strength all on one screen.



BBToday 1.5

User reviews about BBToday

  • dcharleyultra

    by dcharleyultra

    "Weather does work"

    To change the weather: - Highlight/select the Weather Slot - Press the BB Menu Key - Select Preferences - Change ...   More.

  • mziauddin

    by mziauddin


    It is a very gud software, it helps you to have all the information on one screen. It gives you a nice over view of a...   More.

  • studner

    by studner

    "BB today"

    I paid for a subscription and when i downloaded it to a pearl bb 8110 ... the weather did not come in or any of the f...   More.